• Met every studio in Hollywood, to introduce them to the idea that Jews belong in inclusion conversations and how Jewish representation needs to change
  • Included in Variety’s Inclusion 2022 Impact Report for creating positive change in Hollywood – the only Jew advocating for Jews ever included
  • Attended multiple Hollywood DEI seminars
  • Held the first Jewish Media Awards
  • Hosted the first and second ever Sundance panels on Jewish representation to standing room only
  • Worked with Think Tank For Inclusion and Equity, to create the first fact sheet on Jews that will be used by TV writers throughout Hollywood
  • Listed as the Jewish resource for multiple entertainment organizations like WGA, Hollywood Health and Science, and Television Academy
  • Produced a documentary with Hollywood production company, PhilmCo Media: Hollywood’s Orthodox Jew Problem
  • Got published in UCLA’s prestigious entertainment group Scholars and Storytellers’ newsletter on “The Marginalized Group Inclusion Spaces Forgot to Include”
  • Got some great media coverage in Variety, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Hollywood Reporter and more!
  • Began character analysis study with the Norman Lear Center of USC
  • Got DEI Summit of major entertainment organization to include a panel on Jewish representation after publicly calling out the omission at an earlier summit
  • Mini-documentary about our Bureau made and featured nationally on ABC for Jewish Heritage Month
  • Got studio to remove antisemitic imagery in marketing material of major production
  • Spoke at the Variety Antisemitism Summit in 2023
  • Wrote and organized a letter to the Motion Picture Academy, advocating for Jewish inclusion in their diversity standards, signed by 450 members of Hollywood, including over 70 top celebrities and execs, making viral international news

Help us champion authentic and nuanced portrayals of Jews, Judaism, and Israel in the entertainment industry.